Product manager, programmer, father, dreamer,
the Man.

About me

Began my career as a technical writer at VerySoft. Created tons of documents for internal products and outsource projects: Russian Federation e-government portals, secure VoIP apps, and military base station (classified).

Then joined Ultimate Guitar (UG) team as a lead tech writer. Forced UG to change and become an agile company. Leveled up to a product manager, upgraded website, made UG support and analytics departments work as never before, created a startup called Tabanator and raised funds from UG CEO. Failed it fast...And moved on :)

Now I'm counsulting SysTech IT-company and working on another startup.

What else?


  • Cosmetologist Diary
  • Android app which helps cosmetologists in their every day work. Basicly I created it for my wife, but it might be helpful for others.

  • Scripts pack
  • Python scripts which I wrote to automize pulling ratings from iTunes and pulling reviews.


    It's easy to find me in social networks.